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All About us

Our story began in 2015, working as bartenders and staff in busy Dallas event venues. We learned the ins and outs of event planning and management, laying the foundation for what would become a deep-seated passion for celebrations.

As we moved up the ranks to managing roles, our love for crafting unforgettable events grew stronger. We realized that our true calling was in curating experiences that lingered in the hearts of those who attended.

Then came September 2021, a pivotal month for us. Our own wedding was a turning point. It was more than an event; it was an opportunity to infuse our personalities into every detail. Decorating our celebration filled us with an indescribable happiness.

In that moment, we knew we had to share this joy with others. The decision to start our event decorating business was driven by the desire to offer couples the same enchantment that filled our hearts on our special day. We wanted them to walk into their chosen venue and be embraced by an atmosphere that whispered of their unique love story.

Our mission is clear: to infuse every event with the same dedication, passion, and creativity that has defined our journey. We are not just decorators; we are storytellers, weaving your vision into an unforgettable experience.

With us, you're not just a client; you're a partner in creating moments that will live on in your memory forever. Together, let's craft celebrations that resonate with the beat of your hearts.

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